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Becoming a Patient

Paperwork is the first step to becoming a Thrive patient. For your convenience the paperwork needed is located HERE if you would like to review and fill it out prior to your visit. Paperwork can also be provided for you at arrival of your initial visit.

As you walk through our doors, we want you to feel an immediate sense of comfort and support. As a part of the Thrive family we invite you to enjoy a cup of coffee or water and please help yourself to a little snack. At check in, additional information will be gathered including a photo ID, insurance card (if applicable), and a preferred method of payment. We will be happy to provide you with a tour of our office and review how to check in for future visits.

Once checked in, Dr. Nick will meet with you and any family members you’d like involved in your wellness journey. He will begin with a consult to discuss with you what brings you to our office and what your overall health goals are. He will answer any questions you may have regarding Chiropractic care. Once Dr. Nick has a clear understanding of your goals, he will conduct a thorough examination which may include x-rays, orthopedic testing, and a spinal assessment. He will then use this information to partner with you in developing a care plan that best suits your individual needs and goals. Dr. Nick will guide you step by step through it all, including talking you through your initial adjustment.

The initial visit is always the longest. Once a care plan has been established, you are on your way to achieving your best you. Follow up visits take from 5 minutes for an adjustment to 20 minutes if any additional therapies are needed, such as stretching. Don’t forget that cup of coffee or water on your way in!

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